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All the training is specifically developed with the South African standards, legislations and market in mind


Our services are independent; we are not associated with any of the stakeholders involved, which ensures total impartiality in regards to monitoring of all training.

Industry Professionals

We have more than 20 years of collective experience in our business where the majority of our experience derived from working as food safety managers, consultants and auditors.

Training Professionals

For the last two years, we have been providing online custom training to several businesses with great success. With our exceptional training platform, we are able to provide training to more than 5000 students 24 hours a day.


We have a team of dedicated support staff to assist students when required.

All the training is specifically developed with the South African standards, legislations and market in mind. We provide individual training to people looking to improve their knowledge as well as a full range of training services for organisations in need of provisional service at affordable costs.

At My Mega Training, we can assist organisations in developing and running a full training program specific to their needs, while still keeping it site-specific. In addition to developing and implementing training programs for your organisation, we are also able to assist with additional services like food safety culture and management surveys.

This has proven a very useful tool in identifying the shortfalls in both the food safety and management programs on your site. My Mega Training is also working with industry leaders to develop and make their accredited training available on our platform. This will ensure that more people will be able to do specific high-quality training at a lower cost more often when needed.

Why Us

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About Our Training Material

We aim to develop all our training material in a visual as well as audio format.  Several of our induction courses have been developed in the format of short cartoons to ensure that we capture even those one or two wandering minds!  

What the Training Includes:
  • Registration and login details of delegates
  • Annual training planning
  • 3 free reminder SMS’s
  • Custom courses
  • Independent evaluation of training assessments
  • Certification of competency on each successful course

Get a free 7-inch tablet with every 100 employees that you register for.

Individual Training

Induction training, as well as custom advanced training, is available for individuals seeking to improve their knowledge.

Full Business Training Program

This includes all aspects of the training required in an organisation, from the planning, conducting, evaluating, reporting, and certification of training needed.

Our Process

After all the administrative contracts have been taken care of:

  • We will need a list with all the employee’s details to be loaded onto the system. 
  • We then schedule the training and provide each employee with login details and a link to where his/her specific training has been pre-loaded.
  • As soon as the learner logs in, he or she would find all the training that we have pre-loaded for them.
  • The training can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. 
  • They can then, on their own time, do the training.
  • With all training, there is a short proficiency test that the learner must write.
  • The results are linked to a competent or not yet competent outcome for the training done.
  • As soon as the learner has completed the test and was found to be competent, a certificate will be sent to the e-mail address provided during registration.
  • If the learner completed the test and was found to be not yet competent, they will be provided with another opportunity to do the training and re-write the assessment.

Food Safety Consulting Services

  • Are you a food manufacturing facility or a supplier that supplies products to a food manufacturing facility?
  • Do you need assistance in setting up your food safety system?
  • Do you need your food safety system to be updated or monitored?

We can assist you. Collectively we have more than 20 years’ experience in food safety. Our dedicated staff are fully qualified and will be able to help you with implementing, monitoring and continuously improving your system, as well as guide you to and through your food safety certification process if so required.

Available Courses

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